Raven Speaks On Working With Paul Heyman, Possible WWE Return, More


Former WWE/WCW/ECW/TNA star Raven recently spoke with ESPN about his career and more. Here are the highlights.

On working with Paul Heyman:

“Paul E. was such an amazing creator,” Raven said. “He was so creative. He was so brilliant. His psychology was unparalleled. He was also smart enough to know if someone has a better idea I’ll take my ego out of it and I’ll let their idea play out. He was always willing to do that.”

On leaving WCW:

“I really wish I would’ve stayed. That’s one of my regrets,” Raven said. “I didn’t stay because the idea he told me did nothing for me. I was gonna lose stock as a character, so I didn’t but I wish I would’ve [stayed] because the way things worked out with [Vince] Russo coming in six months later and Russo being a huge fan of mine, I probably would’ve been in the world title mix. I know I would’ve got way, way more money on my contract on my next deal because it was a year from being up, so I would’ve probably doubled what I was already making. So it really was a stupid idea of me to go, but I wasn’t having fun. It’s still a huge regret.”

On possibly returning to WWE as a creative writer or agent:

“No, I wouldn’t take it,” Raven said. “Here’s the problem– creative you’re just a cog. The problem is you create great ideas and then you don’t get to see them come to fruition. That’s so taxing to me emotionally because you get so involved in the characters. So that would suck. As far as being a backstage agent, I don’t have any interest in that because I’m not using my creativity in any really strong way. You’re just an agent, so that wouldn’t interest me. It’s a whole different world now. The old days I would’ve definitely been a booker somewhere, but now it’s a 24-hour, 7-day a week job. I have no interest in being on the road that much because after 30 years of being on the road I’m happy at home.”

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