RAW Underground News – NXT Superstar Debuts, The Hurt Business, Ziggler


During Monday’s RAW broadcast, Shane McMahon debuted a new “RAW Underground” segment. During the segment(s), The Hurt Business and WWE NXT’s Babatunde appeared. The segments were all booked during the 10PM EST hour. They featured fake MMA-style fights in a backstage area of the Performance Center. The ring also featured no ropes.

In the first segment, Babatunde made his RAW debut and was billed as Dabba-Kato. For those unaware, Babatunde is a former Minnesota Viking and has been training at the WWE Performance Center since 2016. He hasn’t appeared on NXT TV yet.

In the second segment, Erik of the Viking Raiders destroyed his opponent.

In the third segment, Dolph Ziggler defeated his opponent and then The Hurt Business — Bobby Lashley, MVP, and Shelton Benjamin — bust in to close the show.

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