RAW Update – The Big Show’s Return, **SPOILER**?, Lesnar


* WWE RAW is live tonight from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Scheduled for the show is a “corporate makeover” for Daniel Bryan. As noted here on the website, WWE contacted several local businesses over the weekend looking for props. One of those props included a barber’s chair. Take that for what it’s worth.

* The plan is still to set up a Shield vs. Big Show/Mark Henry match for SummerSlam at tonight’s RAW. There was an angle talked about over the weekend where The Big Show would do a run-in and “save” Mark Henry from a Shield beatdown. This was originally planned for last week’s RAW. It all depends on if The Big Show has been cleared to return. If he’s not ready, the company will have to go in a different direction as SummerSlam is now less than two weeks away. We hope to have more on this later today.

* Brock Lesnar is also expected to appear on tonight’s RAW in Green Bay, WI. He’ll be there to continue hyping his match with CM Punk at SummerSlam on 8/18.

* WWE.com is featuring their weekly five-point preview for the show at this link.

Check back later tonight for live coverage of RAW.

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