Raw Viewership Up From Last Week’s Memorial Day Episode


WWE Monday Night Raw saw a slight increase in viewership for this week’s episode in comparison to last Monday’s Memorial Day edition.

The episode, despite being widely panned for its poor ending sequence, had an increase in viewership of 5.33%. Drawing in an average of 1.64 million viewers. This is as reported by John Ourand of Sports Business Journal.


As of the time of writing, the hourly breakdown for Monday’s edition is not yet known. This is also the case for each age demographic.

Despite the slight increase in viewership for Monday Night Raw, this is still the third-lowest rating score for Raw this year. The ratings for Raw have been on an almost consistent downwards spiral for a long time now. Even this year, the viewership figures have taken a massive hit, with Raw losing almost 500,000 viewers since the first episode of this year. And only twice this year has Raw managed to clear two million viewers.

With news that the next WWE draft will not be happening till the 30th of August, it looks like it’ll be up to WWE to use what they’ve already got to revitalize Raw. Despite the recent releases, they more than have enough talent on their roster to turn their viewership figures around.

Do you think WWE can fix their regularly mediocre viewership figures for Raw? Let us know in the comments, or over on our Twitter and Facebook pages. And check out our full list of Raw’s ratings for the year below.

1/4/21: 2,128,000

1/11/21: 1,819,000

1/18/21: 1,854,000

1/25/21: 1,819,000

2/1/21: 1,892,000

2/8/21: 1,715,000

2/15/21: 1,810,000

2/22/21: 1,889,000

3/1/21: 1,884,000

3/8/21: 1,897,000

3/15/21: 1,847,000

3/22/21: 1,816,000

3/29/21: 1,701,000 

4/5/21:   1,701,000 

4/12/21: 2,026,000

4/19/21: 1,907,000

4/26/21: 1,774,000

5/3/21:   1,872,000

5/10/21: 1,817,000

5/17/21: 1,823,000

5/24/21: 1,621,000

5/31/21: 1,557,000

5/31/21: 1,557,000

5/31/21: 1,557,000

6/7/21:   1,640,000

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