Reason Aleister Black Won’t Be At WWE Super ShowDown


As we reported previously here on eWN, Aleister Black was yet another superstar who wouldn’t be making the trip to Saudi Arabia. However, this decision wasn’t one of his own.

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Black’s absence was a company decision due to the religious nature of some of his tattoos. It’s unclear whether this was a request from the Saudi Arabian government or if WWE was simply taking precautionary measures.

Dave Meltzer of WON had this to say:

”This was not his choice. This was a choice made for him. I don’t know if it was made by the Saudi Arabian government or it was made by WWE because they didn’t want to offend the Saudi Arabian government.”

“The deal with him is that his tattoos apparently have some religious connotations that the belief is will offend the host of the show so they don’t want him going. That’s the Aleister Black story.”


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