The Reason Why The Big Show Joined The nWo In 2002


Bruce Prichard (Brother Love) has recently been coming out with interesting backstage news from a decade ago regarding WWE. Prichard has once again spoken on another story which is: reasoning for why former World Champion, The Big Show, aligned himself with the notorious nWo group in 2002.

Prichard revealed the reason why on his “Something To Wrestle With” podcast and here’s why “The Giant” joined the nWo:

“It was so bad, [WWE thought], ‘Hey, we lost one seven-foot, let’s put another seven-foot in there and you replace one with another and people won’t notice.’ You’re just trying to save something and you’re trying to complete that vision. Sometimes, it just doesn’t work.” Prichard stated that it was a result of WWE just wanting the group to work. Kevin Nash being injured gave WWE the thought that adding another body to the group would make things click.


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