Reby Hardy Discusses Why She Doesn’t Mind Her Kids Appearing On Television & More


Reby Hardy was a recent guest on the “Wives of Wrestling” podcast and commented on why she doesn’t mind that her children appear on television, among other topics that were also mentioned below:

On her children’s reaction to seeing Matt on TV: “I’m afraid that they think seeing dad on TV is normal. I haven’t even gotten to that point where I’ve had to really explain that not everybody’s dad is on TV because, of course, the next closest person to them is Jeff, who is also on TV, and their cousins, whose dad is also on TV. We homeschool and not to perpetuate the sheltered homeschool kids stereotype, we do go out a lot, but when we go out, I make it a point that nobody talks wrestling so that doesn’t even come up. So, I don’t think they realize that he’s cool, or what. honestly, I think that they don’t get that that’s not normal.”

On their kids appearing on television: “Every time I ever had a personal wrestling opportunity in the business, I got pregnant. So even if I had wanted to advance, I couldn’t, because I got pregnant. Then, when the Broken Matt stuff was really popping off, we had just had Maxel and I didn’t want to take away from any of that. I never wanted to be one of those moms that are like, ‘I had a kid, my life is over.’ I just, I wanted to — anything that I did, I wanted the baby to come. You were never going to cash me without my baby. So if I’m going to be there supporting Matt, if I’m going to be there working, the baby’s going to come and they just thought it was a good idea to include the baby, which I never really had an issue with and he, I mean, from the time Maxel was 6 weeks old, he was at TNA TV tapings, so it’s just normal for him.”

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