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Reby Hardy Responds To Claims That She & Matt Enable Jeff Hardy



You knew this was coming!

Always one to capitalize off a little press coming her way, Reby Hardy has come out swinging against people claiming she and Matt are enablers of Jeff Hardy’s alleged DUI.

It’s been well-documented that Hardy was arrested for DUI as well as Driving While License Canceled/Suspended/Revoked and Violation of Restrictions Placed on Drivers License on Monday morning. Due to this, he has been suspended without pay from All Elite Wrestling until he successfully completes rehab and “maintains his sobriety.”

Reby Hardy took to her TikTok account and responded to those calling her and Matt “enablers.” She said,

“Oh, so you were there when I booked the event, right? And when I told the promoters to make sure there was no alcohol there and he was not served alcohol? You were there? And you were there when I was trying to make sure all night through the handlers that that was not happening? You were there when we walked into his hotel room that night, right? You were there. You know, because you were there? Oh, you weren’t there.

“Short of having him sleep in between me and Matt, there’s really not much more I could have personally done. I make it a point to never speak on his behalf. That’s not my place, I don’t want to do that, he doesn’t want me doing that. But what we’re gonna make perfectly clear is that I’m not responsible for the actions of a fully grown man.”

She added, “People seem to forget I’ve been through this before with Matt. A lot of it is very triggering for me. And I’m gonna deal with it how I deal with it. And a lot of that is stupid humor. If you don’t like my stuff, you can unfollow. And if you’re not following, block me. And I won’t come up on your For You Page.”

She captioned the video with, “Please stop asking about Jeff, I will not be speaking another word on it.”


Reply to @nsmelodies it’s hard on everyone rn can we pls stop this ignorance #househardy #wrestling #matthardy #jeffhardy #aew #wwe #stigma

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