Reby Hardy Reveals That The Hardy Boyz Got Kurt Angle’s Pyro At WrestleMania 33


Speaking to The Wives of Wrestling Podcast, Matt Hardy’s wife Reby Sky talked about The Hardy Boys’ WrestleMania 33 return and revealed they used some pretty unique pyros. She said,

“WrestleMania 33 was the big debut of Matt and Jeff here, the big surprise at WrestleMania. So that is a big, huge, WrestleMania day for the Hardys, otherwise known as, ‘F**k Kurt Angle Day’. Because, so apparently, I didn’t even know this until after the fact. So they came out, it was a beautiful moment, right? They’re going down this beautiful, long ramp, and all the fans are going crazy and it’s a great moment, right? And there’s pyro and there’s fireworks in the sky, and Matt’s going in slow motion like this, right? It’s amazing, right? Beautiful moment. So, I don’t know if it was like right after, a couple of days or what, and Giovanna said, ‘Hey, did you notice how, you know, at the end of Matt and Jeff’s match there at WrestleMania, the fireworks were red, white, and blue?’ And I was like, ‘No. I don’t, I was a little preoccupied, right? I don’t know what the f**k was going on’. And she goes, ‘Yeah, those were Kurt’s fireworks’.” 

After the mistake, Kurt Angle was initially angry about not getting pyros: “It’s funny as s**t. Okay, if you see a video of Kurt, you know how he comes out and they do the Hall of Fame. He did this, {pointed up like Kurt does} waiting for his fireworks and it didn’t, it didn’t like happen. And Kurt comes out, and you know, after I come up to him, he’s like, ‘They didn’t do my fireworks’. He was so f**king butthurt.”

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