Reby Sky Denies her Tweet was About Ashley Massaro, Says She’s Been Getting Death Threats


Matt Hardy’s wife, Reby Sky, took to her Twitter account on Friday to deny the claims that the post she made right after the media reports that Ashley Massaro had passed away surfaced were about her. Reby, who is never one to hold back, is denying that the two emojis she tweeted, which many people interpreted as a reaction to Massaro passing away on Thursday at the age of 39, were about her.

Many of you may remember that Sky had a very heated conversation just last November after Massaro mentioned finding an old CD of Matt Hardy’s, who she dated in the mid-2000s. Reby and Ashley have never been on good terms, as Reby accused Massaro of trying to visit Matt with pills in her possession in 2011. The two have had major heat ever since.


Anyways, Reby responded today, saying the tweet was about a TV show (RuPaul’s Drag Race – seriously), saying, “People desperately trying to force me to care about something I don’t give a f**k about & looking for it in s**t that ain’t there.” She also claims that she and her children received death threats over the post.

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