Reby Sky Explains Why The Hardy Boys Quit TNA & Reveals Future Plans


Credit: Busted Open Radio

Reby Sky-Hardy was the guest on the latest episode of Busted Open Radio with Dave LaGreca. You can listen to the interview below. Hardy confirmed that the Hardys will not be re-signing and that the decision wasn’t made until a few days ago. She said that they didn’t get their contracts until five days before their current deals expired and that it felt like they were being bullied into signing, and that there should not be a situation where talents like Matt and Jeff should be chasing their employers to get new deals.

Reby said that TNA was a perfect situation for them and that the locker room was amazing. She praised Dixie Carter, saying she knew how to talk to people and said that they didn’t care about TNA’s difficulties last year and that the locker room busted their asses throughout.

When asked about whether Matt was planning to continue using his Broken gimmick, she said, “Matt is in love with his Broken Universe; he’s not about to let that go anytime soon. I can confirm that for sure. It’s kind of his baby, his brainchild, and he took such a risk with it. Even I was telling him, ‘Dude, this accent, it’s gotta go.’ Everyone was like, ‘You’re crazy, this is dumb!’ But he kept on with it and it kept evolving. It’s his baby, so there will be broken wherever there is Matt Hardy.”

Reby also told LaGreca after the interview that they wanted to give up the titles on TV and do right by the fans in the process, but that Anthem denied the request.

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