Recap Of Ric Flair’s Appearance On ‘How Stuff Works’


Credit: Sean Weymouth & PWInsider

The latest edition of the Stuff You Should Know television series on Science Channel features a cameo by Ric Flair playing a doctor coming into examine the staff at the How Stuff Works offices.

Stuff You Should Know is new TV series that is based on the extremely popular Stuff You Should Know podcast hosted by Chuck Bryant and Josh Clark, two writers from the website. The TV Series intersperses video of the two guys in the studio doing their podcast with a scripted storyline about something occurring in their office that ties into the subject of the podcast.

This past weekend’s episode’s subject was on airborne bacteria, particularly things like flesh eating bacteria and the like. Ric Flair’s cameo comes near the end when the hosts are quarantined in the studio by their boss who thinks they are carrying deadly bacteria. Ric plays a doctor who is their to diagnose their symptoms. He ends up basically telling the two guys to suck it up and prescribes them to put on their Big Boy Pants and gives them the all clear to get out of quarantine leaving with a Whooo. It was actually a pretty funny cameo.

They didn’t promote at all that he would be on so I was surprised to see him. The latest edition of Stuff You Should Know aired this past Saturday and is replaying at various times this week on Science channel.

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