Recap of Triple H Conference Call: NXT/USA, TakeOver Future, More


Triple H held a conference call today to discuss WWE NXT moving to the USA Network starting this week and more. 

Here are the highlights, courtesy of 

Mark Vasquez opened the call, before passing things over to Triple H who thanked everyone for being on the call, noting that it is an exciting time for the NXT brand as it takes its first steps on to the USA Network this Wednesday night, noting that the first two weeks will see the show on the USA Network for the first hour and on the WWE Network for the second hour, but that from October 2nd, they will be airing on a two-hour block on the USA Network. HHH said that it is a really exciting time for them and that the talent are really psyched, as is evident on social media. HHH said that it should be a really strong episode, especially with the Fatal Four Way to determine the #1 Contender for the WWE NXT Women’s Championship, The Velveteen Dream defending his WWE NXT North American Championship against Roderick Strong and the Street Fight between Matt Riddle and Killian Dain. HHH then passed things over to the Q&A session.

The first caller asked what would make HHH happy from an audience perspective, referencing the 800,000+ viewers that they did back in December 2018. HHH said that when they did the number back then, the brand was different and they did that with limited promotion. HHH said that the initial numbers are big for sure, but he is more concerned with the long-term number and building a brand over the long haul, noting that they want to build momentum and do it right and don’t want to hot shot it. HHH said that they have taken a longer path with NXT and that they want to continue to build in that matter and said that he does not need to go nuts on the first few shows as he is in it for the long haul and wants to allow it to people to see it build over time. HHH said that might sound like a long-winded way to not answer, but he would be happy if the show beat the last number, but with that said, he does not want to put a number out there and will be happy if the show is great and does not want to kill that buzz by saying we expected X but only got Y in the ratings. The same caller asked about the future of the 205 Live brand and if it will become part of the NXT brand. HHH said that it is more reasonable to have 205 Live in with the NXT umbrella rather than the main roster, but noted that nothing is set in stone and that he could see the Cruiserweight Championship on an NXT Takeover, rather than a WWE pay-per-view. HHH said that the action of 205 gels more with what NXT does rather than the main roster and that if he can show the NXT audience just how great the 205 Live guys are, then he will do it.

The next caller asked about the NXT UK roster members becoming full time in the United States such as Pete Dunne and Rhea Ripley. HHH said that he could see a lot of the NXT UK talents crossing over to the main NXT brand, but whether they become full time, that remains to be seen, but said that wrestlers will go back and forth between the brands. HHH said that he could see certain talents spending a few months in one place, then going to the other and it would be a hard line, such as when the WWE have a brand split. HHH noted that there is an opportunity for the UK talent to come back and forth and thinks that keeps it fresh for the fans as well. The same caller asked if NXT will be part of the WWE Draft next month and if there will be more NXT Takeover events. HHH said that right now, nothing is changing but that you will see different scheduling changes in 2020 and that it gives the opportunity for the talent to have as many eyeballs on them as often as possible. HHH said that in this year, as WWE moves SmackDown to FOX in October, that will probably be about WWE RAW and WWE SmackDown, but going forward, we shall see as he intends to see it as three distinct brands, with a different feel to them, but said that at the end of the day, they are all WWE products and said that he wants to see talent moving laterally, not talent being called up and other talents moving down.

The next caller asked about the WWE Worlds Collide Tournament taking place during WWE Royal Rumble 2020 weekend and what that means for NXT Takeover that weekend. HHH said that is what he was referring to regarding the schedule as that is being done to give the WWE Network subscribers more content and said that the Takeover events will continue and that you could see individual shows and some pay-per-views without a Takeover, noting that it gives them the opportunity to create more specials like the Worlds Collide Tournament and it will also allow the brands to effectively compete against each other. HHH said that he thinks it will be very meaningful for the fans. The same caller asked that with NXT moving to two hours, will that force Takeover events to change around their cards in terms of length. HHH said that they will look at that, but it is not about the length, rather that it is about having the right amount of content and said that he is the guy that looks at his watch at the end of a long movie and wonders if they should have cut some stuff out. HHH said that he does not want to do that with Takeover, but that the shows are about the build as much as the show and he wants to keep the weekly shows entertaining while they build towards the big event. HHH said that it is about the content and the build and that if you do it right, then you don’t even notice the time.

The next caller asked about another title possibly being added to the WWE NXT brand. HHH said that the brands are constantly growing and being evaluated and that he does not see the need for it at this time, noting that he thinks that someone put the idea on the internet and certain news sites ran with it. HHH said that he also isn’t opposed to it and said that you could do it when the time is right and that the title would have to mean something when it is added. The same caller asked about Killian Dain and his potential on the WWE NXT roster. HHH said that he loved him the first time around in NXT and thinks that he has a ton of talent and that things ebb and flow and they create opportunities. HHH said that if you go up to the main roster and things don’t work out, that does not mean necessarily that you are done as you can go to WWE NXT or WWE NXT UK and reinvent yourself and grow and that it is great to have places where you can continue to grow and take your career to a new level, all while you are being taken care of by the company in a high-quality environment.

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