Recent WWE Attendance #’s, How Old Is Sid Vicious?, More


Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that The Primetime Players and Natalya will be signing on 7/9 at the Langley Air Force Base Exchange.

— Sid Vicious and Barry Windham are both celebrating their fifty-third birthday today.

— Below are WWE house show numbers from this past weekend:

* June 28th RAW (Bismark, ND): 4,000 fans for $165,000

* June 29th RAW (Fargo, NC): 4,400 fans for $165,000

* June 29th SmackDown (Cedar Rapids, Iowa): 4,500 fans for $160,000

* June 30th RAW (Sioux Falls, SD): 2,700 fans for $85,000

* June 30th SmackDown (Rochester, MN): 2,800 fans for $90,000

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