Ex-WWE Referee Reveals Sharmell Sullivan & Melina Nearly Brawled Backstage Before Wrestler’s Court


Former WWE and WCW referee Nick Patrick was recently interviewed on the “Pancakes and Powerslams” podcast to talk about several professional wrestling topics.

Here are the highlights:

Being in wrestler’s court in WWE and Sharmell Sullivan and Melina almost coming to blows:

The girls one time, Sharmell [Sullivan] was mad. She had good reason to be. I forgot the other girl’s name — Melina. Melina. I thought they were going to come to blows at one time, but they didn’t. And they had a big wrestler’s court at one time over it. And I got to thinking, ‘Geez. We’re overseas. We’re sitting here over in catering with a big wrestler’s court about the girls arguing in the locker room.’ I said, ‘Great Moolah would be rolling over in her grave right now.’

If Undertaker would usually serve as judge for wrestler’s court:

No, not necessarily. It’s whoever is sitting in — it’s more like everybody who listens is part of it. There’s one judge, and if Taker’s there, he would be the guy. But whoever is the main guy and understands. There’s usually somebody who will defend. There’s somebody that will prosecute. You speak for yourself, you know, whatever it may be.

Most of the time, wrestler’s court always ended up turning out to be a joke. It wasn’t meant to be somebody’s going to get flogged or something like that or fired or beat up or anything. It was more of a funny, haha thing. It was like ribbing on the square. You got your point across and you let ’em know, ‘Hey, look. This ain’t right. Straighten it up, so it don’t have to get up.’

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H/T 411Mania for the transcriptions

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