Regal/Y2J Twitter Feud Continues + AJ Responds To Punk


— After a backstage altercation on RAW where CM Punk told AJ that he “sort of digs” crazy chicks, AJ replied on Twitter: “I sort of dig guys that sort of dig crazy chicks.”

— Chris Jericho and William Regal have continued their feud on Twitter. When he was asked who would win a technical match between the two, Regal wrote: “Someone would have to teach him a proper hold before he could enter.”

Jericho replied: “Is this the guy who used to be on Raw 5 years ago? Not sure I remember who you are…”

Regal then added: “You know, I’m the one who copied you and wore a 3 piece suit and talked intelligently and menacing.”

Regal also commented on Twitter about’s “Top 50 WCW Superstars” list, where he was at #35. Jericho was #27. He said: “Whoever put together the top 50 WCW superstars on needs a kick up the selection box.”

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