Renee Michelle Talks About Wrestling Tessa Blanchard With a Fever, COVID-19 Pandemic


Renee Michelle (wife of WWE/NXT Superstar Drake Maverick) was interviewed by WrestlingINC where she discussed her time wrestling former Impact World Champion Tessa Blanchard with a high grade fever. She also spoke about what it’s like being in the wrestling business during the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges this has presented to everyone.

Being optimistic on her career going forward:: “I was still able to maintain, like, a solid schedule you know minus independent wrestling. But everything else…luckily I was able to maintain everything like I usually do. I’m still able to attend Crossfit, which is great. I’m still able to attend FlatBacks, you know which is awesome. It still keeps me in-ring ready so just in case when things do open up again, instead of like having that ring rust, I’ll be ready for everyone.”

Wrestling Tessa Blanchard with a high fever: “I was actually very sick, I was running a fever of 104 [degrees Fahrenheit]. Basically, the fever didn’t hit me out of nowhere. The fever actually started hitting me like 15 minutes before I had to go out. So it came out of nowhere. Like I thought I was fine and then the fever started coming out of nowhere. I was wrestling in the ring and I’ll never forget I thought I was going to pass out. But I ended up doing a moonsault. I think I was wrestling against Tessa Blanchard, during the time we were both very young. And I don’t even know how I even survived that match, because I was in pain! I was in pain, I was in pain definitely running a fever and not feeling the best but I pulled it off!… She’s a phenomenal wrestler.”

Wrestling during the pandemic: “No, because I am very conscious of catching everything, anything. Like, I have family that are on the older side. It would be unfair for me…like the coronavirus or something. Yeah, granted I’m young or strong enough I may overcome it. Who knows, I may not I have a weakened immune system but I’m not trying to catch anything. If I was to give it to my mother, my grandmother, my grandfather, you know my father. I put them at risk. It would be very selfish of me. I would not mind wrestling if other people were taking the COVID test, but the temperature check does not suffice for me. But I’m taking this whole time as a way to revamp myself, to rebuild myself, to get my body right how the way I would want to. To get in-ring ready, to maybe have a whole new completely different look.”

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