Thursday, June 13, 2024
NewsRenee Paquette Lauds Usos/Sami Zayn Storyline As "Huge Moment"

Renee Paquette Lauds Usos/Sami Zayn Storyline As “Huge Moment”



While she’s most well-known for hosting wrestling’s biggest and brightest stars, Renee Paquette frequently shares his own thoughts on her The Sessions podcast. Most recently, she had glowing things to say about the current Bloodline/Sami Zayn storyline, doling out praise to the Usos and the Master Strategist in particular.

Paquette had kind words for Zayn’s character, saying that his recent work was “so great.” She also praised The Usos. You can read highlights of the podcast below:

How the Usos performed in the segment: “No one’s cooler than the Usos. Those two dudes are some of the people I kind of miss. Whenever I see their Instagrams, I’m like, ‘I miss you guys!’ They’re just the best. They’re so good.”

Sami Zayn’s involvement with the Bloodline: “What a huge moment. I just can’t get enough of Sami Zayn. I think his character is so great. If you just want entertaining segments, he’s it. Also, let’s not forget the guy is an incredible professional wrestler. Like, when he puts on matches, holy s**t! The guy’s insane.”

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