Renee Paquette On Saraya’s AEW Debut – “I Nearly Sh*t My Pants!”


During the latest edition of “The Sessions” podcast, former WWE broadcaster Renee Paquette commented on Saray’s debut with All Elite Wrestling, how she was always the “anti-diva” of WWE, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Saraya’s AEW debut: “I nearly sh** my pants! I almost cried. I was so happy for this moment and the fact it came together the way that it did.”

On what this means for AEW: “Man, what a great moment that was to have Saraya join AEW, what this means for the women’s division. Is there a bigger star to step in that spot? We haven’t seen her wrestle in years, and to now have this massive presence for somebody who just lives and breathes pro wrestling? I think she’s going to make a huge difference for them and I’m just so excited. It was such a cool moment, what a pop.”

On Saraya being the “anti-diva” of WWE: “You think of her being the anti-diva. You look at all those matches she was having, I feel like she was the backbone of really kind of changing what this was, what women’s wrestling was and is.”

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