Renee Paquette Open To Discussing Potentially Joining AEW


Renee Paquette was recently interviewed by Steve Fall of NBC Sports Boston to talk about several topics.

During the interview, she was asked about potentially joining All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and responded with the following,

“Well I don’t know. If you think of like the exact same thing in WWE, that’s a thing that I don’t really know. What would I do? I don’t want to do commentary. I don’t think going to do backstage interviews is the move. So I think again it would have to be something different, something that I felt like was using my skill in the best way and it’s trying to find that sweet spot.

I love doing backstage interviews, but I’ve done that, I’ve done it for so long so that I need to find what that other thing [is]. You know if it’s a cool sit-down interview or you know, an expansion of something like The Sessions and be able to talk to the talent and do some real great personality profiles, like stuff like that, I’m really into.

There’s stuff that I would love to do and coming up with the creative on what exactly that would be. But yeah I would definitely be into that. You look at both those worlds, it’s like WWE and AEW, WWE is the familiar thing that I know, it’s the thing that I have done for the longest in the duration of my career so of course that’s always there.

But then you look at the things on AEW and there’s, obviously my husband’s there. I still have a ton of other friends that are there. I’m there more often, I guess, not than I’m there very much but yeah, I would definitely be open to a conversation about that.”

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