Renee Paquette Talks About AEW vs. NXT Dividing Wrestling Fans


In a Wrestling Inc interview, Renee Paquette spoke about the Wednesday Night Wars and how the AEW vs. NXT rivalry has divided wrestling fans. Here are the highlights:

On how she’s felt visiting AEW backstage:

“It’s such a welcoming environment,” she said of the atmosphere backstage. “Tony Khan is an exceptional human being. Any time you get to hang out with him and his girlfriend, it’s fun to get to see those familiar faces and hang out. As far as, a working environment goes. It’s so different for me because I just show up as Jon’s wife. I don’t have to work. I’m not doing anything. I get to hang out and enjoy it all.

That part is really cool to go there as a fan and enjoy the shows and what everyone is doing there. I also like working. So it’s different compared to working with WWE where it’s what I am doing today? What do I have going on? Hair and makeup, be part of the big production. It’s funny to be the fly on the wall. I get antsy like I should be doing something. I feel like I should be doing something.”

On the Wednesday Night War:

“People seem to have drawn that line in the sand and chosen the side they want to be on. It is funny because it is all wrestling, but it’s totally different strokes for different folks. Everyone has the thing that they really, really love and are passionate about that. Everyone wants to nitpick as well. That sort of comes with not only wrestling , but anything people are fans of. They love to go on and have these conversations whether it’s a TV show you like or a movie you’re into.

People love to have their opinion and voice their opinion. It turns into a whole argument. It’s insane. I guess it’s the passionate side of things. You respect people who go to bat either way. If they are huge fans, people are going to come out swinging for you. If they are on the other side and rather complain about things or look at it through a very critical lens. That’s their prerogative as well.”

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