Renee Paquette Thinks Rhea Ripley Is “Battling Against The Creative Team”


Renee Paquette recently appeared on Busted Open Radio where she talked about a wide range of topics including how Rhea Ripley has been booked on the WWE main roster. 

Ripley had been teaming with Nikki A.S.H as of late until Nikki turned heel on Monday’s Raw. Paquette was critical of how WWE has been booking Ripley. 

“Can you believe that’s the thing though, can you believe that’s a thing for Rhea Ripley. I can’t believe it,” Renee claimed. “She’s incredible, she’s just like this perfect package that is ready to go. She’s young but she’s so adaptive, I think she’s incredible. I can’t believe that she’s somebody that could have for a second fallen between the cracks.”

“I want to see what they’re going to do with this,” Renee admitted. “Like we were just saying with Rhea. Sometimes you get stuck battling against the creative team and what other people’s vision is for you, maybe. I know what that uphill battle can look like.

“But I do think Nikki is so determined to be doing all the things that her character wants to do,” she said. “I’m sure she’s got some kind of mapped-out vision board at home, of the things that maybe she would like to do. So let’s hope she can get some other people on board and really bring some of this sh*t to fruition.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc for the transcript

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