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NewsRenee 'Young' Paquette Reveals What She Enjoyed The Most During Her Time...

Renee ‘Young’ Paquette Reveals What She Enjoyed The Most During Her Time In WWE



During a recent appearance on “NBC Sports Boston”, former WWE announcer Renee Paquette commented on her time in WWE, what she enjoyed the most during her time with the company, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On what she enjoyed the most during her time in WWE: “The thing that I enjoyed the most, I’ll always, always say was Talking Smack. Because Talking Smack, to me, was so guerilla-style. We were not married to any kind of a script, it felt like we were running loose on the side and were like, ‘Is anybody watching this?’ Like, what are we getting away with here? So that’s what felt fun to me, that flying under the radar aspect that Talking Smack had. Of course, it only flew under the radar for so long and then people were like, ‘wait, we like this show’ and it became a little bit of a cult hit. But that was one of my favorites, working with Mike Mansouri. He’s one of my best friends, he was the producer of the show at the time, and of course, working with Daniel Bryan when he was not an in-ring talent at the time. So, there were so many different aspects to that that I loved.”

On doing several differnt jobs in WWE: “They were very different jobs. As much as I like to consider myself a jack of all trades and I like to try all these different things out, they’re very different jobs. Whether I was doing a backstage interview, or I was hosting a kick-off panel, or I was doing commentary, they were all very different hats. Doing a backstage interview is essentially like an acting job, you’re reading a script, you’re asking a question and you have to react accordingly. Hosting a kick-off show, that’s far more conversational. We have to ask questions, we can ask things, it’s just people hanging out, enjoying wrestling, and talking about it.

“When you’re doing commentary, you’re talking in sound-bites. I changed the register of my voice so I could try and blend in with the men so that it wasn’t this higher-pitched voice kind of cutting in there. Trying to talk faster to get my points in there, you have to emphasize moments when someone’s getting hit instead of just talking. They’re just very different things and I have a different appreciation for all of them, and I have a mega appreciation for those that do commentary, especially in the professional wrestling space because it’s a lot of moving parts. There are so many different little details, you got Vince [McMahon] in your ear, the show is changing, there are so many different things happening.”

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(h/t – Wrestling Inc)

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