Renee Young

Renee Young’s WWE Audition Tape Set To Be Released


On an upcoming episode of Hidden Gems on the WWE Network, Renee Young’s WWE audition tape for WWE in 2012 will be released:

OVW 10/14/2006 – Legend of the Phoenix

“WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix defends her OVW Women’s Championship against ODB and Katie Lea in triple threat action.”

FCW 01/16/2011 – Forging a Path

“Prior to becoming mainstays in WWE’s Women’s Division for several years, Kaitlyn and Rosa Mendes face off in this contest from FCW.”

WWE 06/08/2012 – Thinking on Your Feet

“Renee Young demonstrates her incredible gift of gab in this rarely seen audition tape from the start of her career in WWE.”

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