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Report – Backstage Concern Over WWE Survivor Series Almost Going Over Time


According to a report from Pwinsider, there was said to have been a lot of backstage concern that WWE Survivor Series was running way late on its timing.

According to sources, there were a lot of people worried and a “minor freak out” took place over the timing of the show. As you know, WWE books a certain block of time with TV providers and they were scheduled to be off the air by no later than 11:35PM EST. With that being said, WWE was able to finish the show just in time, though some higher-ups backstage were left wondering why the Men’s Survivor Series match got so much time as it could have easily resulted in the main event match being cut off for fans who were watching on traditional pay-per-view.


Also, for those of you wondering what happened after the show went off the air – nothing took place. The fans simply exited the arena with no promos or dark match segments.

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