Report – The Bullet Club Sells 400,000+ Pro Wrestling Tees In The Last Four Months


During a back and forth via Twitter on Thursday, ROH World Champion Cody Rhodes and The Bleacher Report’s Jonathan Snowden got into it regarding The Bullet Club and their merchandise sales. Snowden began pressing Cody on the numbers, resulting in the The Pro Wrestling Tees/One Hour Tees Twitter account chiming in. The company claims that The Bullet Club has sold 417,430 shirts in just four months. The company tweeted the following:

It should be noted that the number listed above apparently does not include the merchandise that is being sold at Hot Topic. The Bullet Club has also led Ring of Honor to some of their most successful live events (attendance wise) of all time. It was also reported earlier this week that Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks are planning to hold an “ALL IN” event in 2018 that will be self-funded by the trio. They have been scouting arenas as of late and are hoping to draw 10,000 fans.

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