Report: Chad Gable’s Friends Have Urged Him To Leave WWE


Many fans consider Chad Gable to be very talented, but not pushed the right way by WWE. It’s been clear that WWE officials see him just as a mid-card guy.

Dave Meltzer mentioned during Wrestling Observer Radio that there are people who have suggested for him to go elsewhere when his contract expires.

“Chad Gable is fantastic. He’s so fantastic and they do so nothing with him. He was one of those guys where I would go ‘God get out of there’ but you know. It’s been talked about but I don’t think it’s gonna happen. It has been talked about and he’s definitely has had friends telling him the same thing and I know it’s been one of those things that’s under consideration but I don’t think he’s going anywhere.”

Meltzer added that Gable is making a lot of money in WWE and AEW won’t take everyone that leaves WWE.

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