Report: Dish Network No Longer Carrying WWE PPVs


UPDATE x 2: A reader named Allen Woods sent word that he called Dish Network support this morning asking about the availability of Sunday’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. When he asked about Sunday’s show airing live on PPV, he was put on hold while the representative asked her manager. The representative then told him that Dish will no longer offering WWE PPVs. He then asked if this was due to the launch of the WWE Network, and the manager responded with “No Comment”.

UPDATE: The following is from a Dish employee, regarding the WWE-Dish Network PPV situation…

“I am a Dish employee, currently working in customer service. I can confirm that Dish has no intention of removing WWE PPVs, and it is merely a case of technical difficulties on the website. We are aware of the issue, and our engineering dept. is working to rectify the problem.”

ORIGINAL: According to sources, at this time there is some confusion in regards to Dish Network carrying WWE PPV going forward. The Extreme Rules show is currently not listed on Dish Network’s upcoming PPV events section of their website, it’s not listed on the main page, and it’s not listed in the wrestling section of the site. Calls by subscribers to Dish have been made, and Dish has told customers that PPV listed internally; but when asked why it wasn’t listed as available to order to their subscribers, they did not give an answer and said to call back tomorrow.

We reached out to WWE about the situation, but have not been given a response.

With the launch of the WWE Network, there has been concern among PPV providers about WWE offering the same content cheaper on The Network then the contractually agreed upon price point. That has led to providers discussing possibly dropping WWE PPV moving forward.

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