Report: Ex-WWE Mid-Carders Possibly Returning



According to several WWE sources, some former WWE mid-card wrestlers could be returning to the company soon. According to reports, there has been a push among some top WWE talents to bring back former talents to work with up and coming talent on the roster. The hope is that by bringing this talent back, they can work with younger talent and help them develop in the ring.

WWE management has taken the suggestion to heart as the company has been thin on talent as of late. Names that are being brought back will be able to populate the mid-card and work with the younger talents to help bring them along and also provide some solid experienced workers to the show. There is a short list of potential names the company is interested in, but they have not yet started to contact them. This process could start at any time.

As noted above, the list is said to be short of potential names WWE plans to reach out to. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

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