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Report: Explanation for the Cost of AEW Double Or Nothing on B/R Live


Yesterday, it was revealed that All Elite Wrestling has granted the exclusive streaming rights to all of their pay-per-views to B/R Live. This is part of their multi-platform partnership with WarnerMedia.

The official cost of the event will be $49.95, a price that may come across as steep when you consider the all-inclusive price of platforms like the WWE Network and New Japan World. The latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter sheds some light on this issue.

Reportedly, part of the reason the pay-per-view price on this training platform is the same as the price on traditional pay-per-view may be due to the contracts that they have with iNDemand, Dish, and DirecTV:

“The contract stipulations likely called for an inability to undercut the price on streaming.”

The report does note that the reason WWE was likely able to get away with this when they started their network is because of their longevity track record, something that this new league obviously does not have yet.

It is also interesting to note that one of the other networks that were being discussed to be the home of this new brand is Showtime. However, it is noted that Showtime would have likely only been the home for major events and not a weekly platform.

What do you think, is $49.95 too much for a pay-per-view in 2019? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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