Report – FOX & NBC Networks Pitching NFL & NASCAR Crossovers With WWE


As we reported yesterday here on eWn, WWE is looking to hold more themed live events when they return to the road next month. One of the ideas includes the return of the King of the Ring tournament.

According to a report from Fightful, both FOX and USA/NBC Universal have made a push for WWE to run these themed events. Several other pitches have been made, including a cross-promotion with NASCAR. The idea is that there would be a major race that would feature the race cars, star drivers, and WWE’s Superstars.


There was also another pitch that involved an NFL night for the launch of Sunday Night Football. The idea is there would be football-themed matches and angles. Several NFL players and commentators would be involved.

Another idea that was pitched is a “Wrestling World Cup”, which would include all three brands.

NBC also pitched the idea of a “points month” where wins, signature moves and other things would award ‘points’ to certain wrestlers.

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