Report – FOX To Present WWE SmackDown! Live As A “Real Sport” & Not Entertainment


During a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer commented on WWE SmackDown! Live moving to the FOX network in 2019. He said,

“One of the big stories that no one’s talked about is the WWE FOX deal and I didn’t even know about this until yesterday. Is that this is not FOX Entertainment, it’s FOX Sports. I knew Eric Shanks was at the meeting but I just figured it’s sorta’ sport. But this is a FOX Sports property not entertainment property so what that means, I don’t know what that means compared to whatever but that’s how they are viewing it as a sport which is going to be interesting because I don’t think they’re going to treat it like one because if they do – WWE isn’t used to being treated like a sport. And they’re not a sport, they’re an entertainment show.”

(h/t Rsn)

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