Report – HBO’s Real Sports Working On Vince McMahon Allegations News Story


Vince McMahon has been at the center of controversy recently.

The Wall Street Journal revealed that the billionaire allegedly paid “hush money” to several women who he sexually harassed. Since the allegations came to light, McMahon has temporarily stepped away from his role as CEO and given the responsibilities to his daughter, Stephanie McMahon. The Wall Street Journal has teased that more information regarding the allegations might come soon. Now, it appears the allegations will be the future focus of many media stories.

According to Pwinsider, several mainstream media outlets are already working on stories focusing on McMahon’s current troubles. One of the outlets is reportedly HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, who is apparently working on a story now. The report also noted that Real Sports have been reaching out to former female employees of WWE.

It was also said that reporters from the Wall Street Journal are working on another story that could be ready next week. The reporters have also reached out to former female WWE talent.

The major online news outlet, Variety, ran a story regarding President and Chief Revenue Officer Nick Khan and his future amidst all the controversy. Meanwhile, McMahon has reportedly been quiet about the allegations backstage as the company has decided to adopt a “business as usual” attitude towards the situation.

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