Report – Jake Roberts Signs 2 Year Contract Extension With AEW


According to a recent sit-down interview with Diamond Dallas Page, Jake Roberts has signed a 2 year contract extension with All Elite Wrestling.

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Originally, Roberts debuted in AEW under a 10 week deal starting in March 2020. However, he would go on to sign a 1 year extension as his original deal was set to expire. You can read the following excerpt from the interview below:

“Thanks to Tony Khan, when I originally signed with them, it was for a ten-week deal. In eight weeks, the guy comes along with some papers and is like ‘You need to sign these.’ ‘What for?’ ‘It’s your contract.’ ‘Dude, I only have two weeks left.’ ‘No, you have another year.’ A few weeks ago, I buzz Tony and say, ‘I have four weeks left, what do you want me to do?’ Next thing you know, he starts setting up my stuff and says, ‘You need to sign another piece of paper.’ I sign it again and after I signed it, I found it that is wasn’t for a year, it was for two years. He’s such a wonderful man. He gave me my love for wrestling back. It’s great to be part of it.”

(h/t Fightful)

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