Report: Kurt Angle Upset With TNA


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Kurt Angle has been on the TNA tour of the UK, even though he is nursing a bad knee, which will require surgery. With AJ Styles gone, Jeff Hardy not being able to attend the tour, and Sting being written out of the company due to his contract ending, Angle made the decision to appear on the tour since he is one of the biggest names left on the roster. Angle planned to have surgery on his knee when he returned from the tour.

At the Scotland tapings, an angle was shot where Angle was beaten with steel chairs, which appeared to be the way to write him out of current storylines. But the next day in Manchester, Angle was informed by TNA creative that he was slated to do a run-in during a segment. Sources state that Angle became pissed off because he had already been written out of storylines and because he was working despite doctor’s orders to not do anything physical due to needing surgery. Angle reportedly ranted to John Gaburick.

An angle was later filmed at the Wembley Arena where Angle, after accepting his TNA Hall of Fame induction, ends up in a physical confrontation with Ethan Carter III and announces he will wrestle Carter in a cage at Lockdown.

Unless plans change, it appears that Angle will put off the surgery until after the Lockdown PPV.

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