Report: Major Backstage Heat On Ryback


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There is reportedly a lot of heat on Ryback from WWE over the last month. There is a feeling backstage that Ryback’s in-ring work has regressed. In addition, many WWE officials apparently feel that Ryback is becoming more of a danger in the ring for his opponents and has been roughing up other workers, such as CM Punk.

Another reason that Ryback has heat is because his recent media appearance have not gone as well as planned. There are reportedly talks that Ryback acts like he does not want to be at the events and is hard to deal with. One source says his “ego has gone through the roof” during the past several months. Another source says that Ryback looks constantly “annoyed” when making appearances for WWE.

There are reports that Vince McMahon is considering taking Paul Heyman off of Ryback, so Heyman can work with another wrestler. A quote that was said about Ryback is “the bloom is off the rose” unless he can turn things around.

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