​Report: Major WWE Plans For Cesaro – Daniel Bryan’ish?


Source: The Wrestling Observer

As previously reported, WWE is planning
very big things for Cesaro now that WrestleMania is over.

The “Cesaro Section” signs at WWE live
events have been handed out by WWE, who are hoping to manufacture the support
for Cesaro that developed organically for Daniel Bryan with the “Yes!”

Even though he is the latest “Paul Heyman
guy”, WWE doesn’t want to portray Cesaro as a full heel. The plan is to keep him
liked by the crowd even though he’s working with the manager that led Brock
Lesnar to conquering the Streak at WrestleMania XXX.

While previous reports said that Lesnar
would face Daniel Bryan for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, it seems as
though WWE will put him against Cesaro soon. The idea is that the next guy to
beat Lesnar will get a huge babyface rub due to Lesnar ending the

Regardless of what WWE actually decides to
do to get there, they fully plan on pushing Cesaro hard in the

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