Report – Mariah May Leaving STARDOM, Possibly Heading To AEW?


Mariah May is expected to finish up with STARDOM soon.

According to a report from the Wrestling Observer, May will be departing the company once the 5STAR Grand Prix finishes.


It’s worth noting that it was reported that AEW was interested in signing Mariah May just last month. As of this writing, there’s no word on where she’ll be going next.

In other news, Willow Nightingale believes All Elite Wrestling has more than enough talent to hold an all-women’s show in AEW or ROH.

Speaking on a recent episode of the “Get Comfy” podcast, Nightingale expressed her desire to see an all-women’s show. She said,

“I definitely think there is a future of having some sort of all-women programming in AEW or even Ring of Honor. In Ring of Honor, we have a lot of freedom. You see a lot more women’s matches on there. The women’s matches are given more time. Athena, who is currently the Ring of Honor Women’s Champion, who has defeated me a number of times, which goes to show how amazing she is. It’s truly a testament to how talented and hard-working our division is. That’s really a place that spotlights us well.”

She continued, “We have time and great segments on our network shows, but there is a limited amount of time to work with, for all of us, the whole roster, where in Ring of Honor, we get that freedom. Maybe, that could be a platform for us to get more and keep pulling more. Same thing for the fans. If you want to see more women’s wrestling, tune in to where we are being given those opportunities. Tune in to Ring of Honor, buy our programming, and that translates and speaks. Show up and support us.”

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