Report – Neville “Closer Than Ever” To Leaving WWE


According to a report from, former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville is “closer than ever” to leaving WWE. The last update we heard on Neville was that he was still sitting out his contract at home. We previously reported that Neville requested his WWE release but the company refused to grant it.

Neville is also no longer living in Florida, which was his billed hometown during his short WWE career. The former WWE “205 Live” Superstar said goodbye to his American friends and went back to live in the UK. He has reportedly tried to keep the move a secret.

A high-ranking WWE official also says that Neville’s name “hasn’t been mentioned within WWE in ages.”

Neville walked out of WWE in October of 2017 due to being unhappy with his status and job. As of this week, he was still under a WWE contract.

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