Tessa Blanchard

Report – “Nobody Wants Near” Tessa Blanchard


Tessa Blanchard has not been seen in a major American wrestling company since her release from Impact Wrestling in June of last year. Though not explicitly stated, this release came off the back of several allegations being levelled at Blanchard, including those of racist abuse and bullying. Blanchard was also the Impact Wrestling World Champion at the time of her release.

In the time since her release, Blanchard has remained largely out of the ring wrestling just two matches. Despite NWA having talks with Blanchard this year, no further updates have come out on where Blanchard could end up next. Now though it has been reported by Cassidy Haynes of BodySlam.net that Blanchard is unlikely to be heading to either AEW or WWE.

According to Haynes, one source he spoke with stated that “She’s nuclear. Nobody wants near her.” Meanwhile, an independent promoter Haynes was in contact with in recent months had this to say on a potential appearance by Blanchard, “I have to stay away, she’s nuclear right now.”

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