Report: Scott Hall’s Son Turns Down WWE Offers


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

It has been reported that WWE has offered Scott Hall’s son Cody a developmental contract on more than one occasion. Cody has turned down those offers, stating that he wants to make a name for himself on the independent scene before trying to go to WWE.

Cody has stated in past interviews that his ultimate goal is to sign with WWE.

ORIGINAL: As noted earlier here on the website, WWE has been aiding DDP with the rehabilitation of Jake Roberts and Scott Hall. WWE has been quietly putting money into the effort, which is described as a daily battle for both Roberts and Hall. The company has reportedly been paying people with experience in rehabilitation to help out when then two men have problems.

Jake Roberts was recently working an independent event in Oregon. After the show, Roberts was invited to go out to a strip club by some of the wrestlers. Roberts turned down the offer saying he knew what would happen if he went.

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