Report: Shayna Baszler Was In-Line For Big Push Prior To Survivor Series


Coming out of Survivor Series 2019, there were reports that Vince McMahon was not a fan of the main event Women’s Champion three-way dance. 

In the new Wrestling Observer, Dave Meltzer provides an update on this and gives new insight on Shayna Baszler’s initial main roster plans:

“…But the women’s match didn’t click and the crowd was mostly silent. The idea of the match, and really the entire angle, was for Baszler. Baszler carries herself and talks like a badass bully. The original plan was for her to be on the main roster in 2020. Based on so much of the build, and the match and post-match, it appeared she was being groomed for Lynch.

“But the match wasn’t good. There were a few awkward spots, surprising since the bout was heavily worked on and practiced. It got so bad that Vince McMahon was really mad about it as it was going on. There was a story going around Vince was so mad he was telling the ref high spots for them to do as the match was going on, but those in the company have only said McMahon was mad, saying he had every right to be, but said he was not sending high spots to the referee while the match was going on.”

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