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Report – The Women’s WWE Royal Rumble Match Went Through Multiple Changes


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

According to reports, there were multiple changes made to the women’s WWE Royal Rumble match at last Sunday night’s pay-per-view event from Chase Field in Phoenix, AZ. The changes were made due to some “timing issues”. The report notes that some of the women Superstars didn’t make their spots in time, so some of those spots had to be dragged out due to the size of the entrance way.

This is the reason why some of the entrances for the women’s Royal Rumble match took longer than the ones for the men did. It was clearly visible during the pay-per-view that the men were entering much faster. For what it’s worth, the women’s Royal Rumble match ended up going about 72 minutes, while the men’s Royal Rumble match went just over 57 minutes.

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