Report: TNA High On 2 Talents + Big Genesis Matches


— TNA reportedly is said to be very high on EC3 and Rockstar Spud at the moment. Both wrestlers have recently been working with TNA President Dixie Carter with Carter playing her nephew and Spud playing Dixie’s Chief of Staff. Spud also won TNA British Bootcamp.

— Two more matches have been officially added to TNA’s January 16 Genesis TV special during last night’s iMPACT! Wrestling. The event will air live on Spike TV.

Kurt Angle will face Bobby Roode. If Roode wins, Angle will have to leave TNA and never accept a Hall of Fame induction. Per Angle’s request, the match will be a Steel Cage match.

Also, Sting will face Ethan Carter III in a singles match.

— You can check out the segment in which Angle challenges Roode from iMPACT! Wrestling below:

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