Report: TNA Talents Looking For Other Work


Partial Source: Pwinsider

Several TNA stars are looking for independent work outside of the company, and contacting promoters directly about working their events. TNA’s lack of live events is said to be the reason for this. Most TNA stars get paid per appearances, which means there’s little or no guaranteed money.

Their TNA contact stops them from appearing on indy shows who film their events for TV, DVD or iPPV. TNA stars are allowed to appear at live events but not home media. This is something that WWE doesn’t allow so many TNA talent praise the company for allowing them to make a few extra bucks on the indy scene. At the same time, the “banning” of TNA talents on TV, DVDs and iPPVs makes it hard for promoters to justify bringing the wrestlers in when they can’t include them in those products for extra money.

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