Report: Vince McMahon ‘Furious’ + NWA Announces Departure


— In the THQ bankruptcy filing, it is noted that WWE is owed $45 million. This is why WWE issued a statement on Wednesday noting they were “actively participating within this proceeding.” According to sources, Vince McMahon was described as being “furious” at the SmackDown tapings Wednesday night.

— The National Wrestling Alliance has announced that NWA Coastal has left the organization as an affiliate. The press release cites a “difference of opinion regarding the direction of the company” and adds, “Although we hate to see the departure of licensees, sometimes it is necessary when people do not adhere to the same business plan.”

The press release goes even further, stating, “The departure of NWA Coastal and the promotion in Florida is just another illustration of how the new NWA is stripping itself of old politics that has plagued the company for more than the past ten years. Growing pains are sometimes difficult but we welcome the departure of those who are not team players.” The NWA will be announcing new licensees in the near future.

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