Report – WWE 2K21 Video Game Cancelled


Former WWE video games writer Justin Leeper took to Twitter on Monday to reveal that WWE 2K21 has been canceled. As many of you know, the game is usually announced at WrestleMania and that didn’t happen this year. Of course, WWE 2K20 got bad reviews from critics and gamers.

As of now, there are plans for a WWE 2K22 game, but the game is not expected to be on the next-gen consoles and will be for PS4, Xbox 1, and probably PC.

According to Leeper, 2K will now be publishing a “different kind” of WWE video game. The game will feature a completely different developer.

He said,

“I’m not a fan of bringing “bad news,” but it’s post-WrestleMania & I think fans deserve to know: I’ve heard on good authority that WWE 2K21 has been cancelled. However, another WWE branded game will enter the ring this year…”

“I don’t enjoy being negative. I’m good at it! I don’t enjoy it. I don’t enjoy delivering bad news. For every 50 positive responses, there’s 1 acting like I killed their dog. But ppl need to know: Yuke’s was fired 2K20 was based on 2K18 2K21 isn’t coming out If I gotta be the 1…”

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