Report: WWE Does Great WrestleMania 29 Business


As noted earlier here on the website, members of WWE’s legal department showed up at the Wrestlecon event on Sunday afternoon seizing bootleg materials such as DVDs, t-shirts and more. The items were being sold by vendors at the weekend event. WWE showed up with a legal order signed earlier this week allowing them to seize any material violating copyrights that was being sold within five miles of Wrestlemania 29. Those who had material taken away were given a court date and were required to provide personal information.

All signs seem to point to WWE doing great business this weekend for Wrestlemania 29 in the New York and New Jersey area. According to reports, television ratings for the three hour episodes of RAW were up from the two hour shows last year. Live attendance over the last six weeks has been the strongest for WWE in years. The show tonight at Metlife Stadium has already set a new live gate record. WWE is expected to release official numbers by Monday.

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