Report – WWE Fires SmackDown Ring Announcer Greg Hamilton


According to a report from Pwinsider, WWE has released SmackDown ring announcer Greg Hamilton. Multiple sources say Hamilton, real name Greg Hutson, was released yesterday.

Hamilton has been with WWE since 2015. He began his WWE career with NXT and Tough Enough. Eventually, he was moved to the WWE SmackDown brand.

For those unaware, Hamilton took to Instagram recently and noted that he wasn’t a fan of rapper Westside Gunn using a sample of his voice on a recent track. He went on to say that he would sue Gunn. In his original post, which has now been deleted, he noted that he wouldn’t call WWE’s lawyers if Westside Gunn apologized for using his voice. He said,

“Well @westsidegunn @buffalokidsgallery let’s hope that since you STOLE my voice for your incoherent kindergarten fables…that you saved up enough delivering for Door Dash….because….You….are… You’ll be paying me for years….apologize and I’ll think about not collecting every dime for the rest of your life….or I can just get WWE lawyers….that’s ok too. Settle with my lawyer. And don’t EVER use my voice again….so wrong.”

Despite removing his original post, the WWE announcer continued to allege in different comments that the longer Westside Gunn ignored him, the more expensive the possible lawsuit would cost. He said,

“It was 20k, but at noon eastern it’s $30k and we go to court. Tick… tock… the longer this goes, the longer I have in court… you ready to settle or do u wanna dance with WWE lawyers? It’s a slam dunk. Price goes up by the day.”

Hamilton recently removed all WWE references from his social media accounts and has set them to private.

As of this writing, there is no word on the official reason for Hamilton’s release but you can bet that WWE wasn’t happy with him for threatening to get their own lawyers involved.

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