Report: WWE Planning To Expand In Abu Dhabi


WWE is claiming they are planning a return tour to Abu Dhabi, or using what they are describing as a successful tour to springboard into other tours in the Middle East.

The WWE Live Events executive Patrick Talty noted in a recent local news interview that WWE was especially pleased with their ability to draw younger fans as well as having the audience up-to-date on current WWE television storylines.

“The Middle East is a priority market for us as a company and we look to grow in this region and Abu Dhabi is a great foothold for us to launch more events. Abu Dhabi will be one of those shows that we keep doing, the demand is here and we want to keep providing our fans with that entertainment,” Talty told The National publication. “It has been a very young audience and that’s what we like to see, they’ve been great. We will be back, I don’t know exactly when yet, but I can guarantee we’ll be back.”

WWE apparently received pretty regular media coverage from The National throughout the week for their weekend tour of Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

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